Dance Classes in Derby from Danceworks Unlimited

Our full timetable of regular dance classes in Derby is as follows.  Classes are all held at the Danceworks Unlimited dance studio at Edmund Hall, Spondon, Derby. Click here for directions.

To find out more about each of the dance disciplines, click here. If you have any further questions about any of our dance classes in Derby, please contact us on 01332 670196 or email


4.00-4.30pm - Rosette 2 Tap

4.30-5.00pm - Rosette 2 Ballet

5.00-5.30pm - Rosette Disco

6.00-6.30pm - Pointe Ballet

6.30-7.00pm - Grade 5 Ballet

7.00-7.30pm - Grade 4 Tap

7.30-8.00pm - Bar/Star Disco

8.00-8.45pm - Adult Tap

8.45-9.30pm - Adult Disco


10.00-11.00am - Adult Line Dance

4.00-4.30pm - Nursery

4.30-5.00pm - Rosette 1 Tap

5.00-5.30pm - Rosette 1 Ballet

5.30-6.00pm - Grade 1 Tap

6.00-6.30pm - Grade 1 Ballet

6.30-7.00pm - Bronze Disco



4.00-4.30pm - Nursery

4.30-5.00pm - Primary Tap

5.00-5.30pm - Primary Ballet

5.30-6.00pm - Primary Disco

6.00-6.30pm - Grade 2 Ballet

6.30-7.00pm - Grade 2 Tap

7.00-7.30pm - Gold Disco


10.00-11.00am - Rhythm and Rhyme